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Enclosed carrier companies who specialize in transporting exotic and custom-built cars usually use satellite tracking to keep track of the

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If you are moving a standard car, van, or truck, then this is the spot for you. The reliability factor

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If you need to move your car fast. keep their promise to deliver your car at the scheduled date to

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Using You car request auto shipping quotes from four car moving companies all at once. Each car movers will respond with a competitive custom rate based on your moving information either by phone or email.

Car Moving Services

However much you may research to find the right car transport company and however much the company may take care of
moving car safely, the risk of accidents and damages to the car can never be completely ruled out. The best option there fore is to take maximum precaution as well as take out the most beneficial insurance policy before your car hits the road. To proceed in this mater, your first action step is to check whether your existing car insurance covers vehicles in transit too. If not, then you should ask your existing car insurance company about including this as an addition to your current insurance. Nearly all reputed auto transport companies offer insurance coverage to their customers. Check with the company whether your car will be protected against damage or theft during transit. Check out the deductibles and whether the insurance coverage which the transport is offering is primary or secondary coverage. If the coverage is secondary, then it is your own insurance company which will pick up the claim first. This means that you also have to check with your car insurance company, whether this arrangement is agreeable. While majority of car shipping companies offer hassle-free car transportation with the vehicle arriving at the scheduled date and time, there are rare instances when the car may suffer damage during transit. In case this happens, you must inspect all the damages that have occurred when the car arrives at the destination. Compare this with the Inspection Report which the transport company had handed over to you. Remember to take the driver’s signature on your findings. The car transport company should then work out the reimbursement plan for your damages.

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